LionFramer Photography on Patreon

The Creative Private Collection

I am a photographer creating artistic photographic images, crafting scenes, telling stories with light, shadow, and incredibly talented models.

As I look to continually improve my photography technically and creatively, your support will contribute to my ability to hire more models, travel to additional locations, dial in more planned makeup/outfits, and participate in more events which all in turn would feed into the results and process that I get to share with you!

This is just one aspect of my art that I have a passion for which intersects with other mediums such as acrylic paint on canvas or pen on paper. Your support will allow me to further my photography journey and also bring to life projects I have in mind that will integrate some of those other artistic mediums into completely new concepts.

This ever growing photography collection includes Expanded Fashion sets not posted on Instagram, Boudoir, Glamour, and Artistic Nude sets. 

For your consideration – LionFramer